Marbled Wine Glasses

Marbled Wine Glasses

Posted by Upper Glass on Jun 18th 2019

If you are looking for a fun way to spruce up your wine glasses, look no further. You can customize these for a college theme, a gift for your teachers, your favorite color or as a gift for a loved one. They are so simple to make and you could do this on a budget by purchasing your glasses from a dollar store.


  • Stemless Wine Glasses
  • Martha Stewart Craft Paints
  • Martha Stewart Marbling Medium
  • Plastic Cups + Spoons
  • Foil Baking Pan
  • Push Pins
  • Cardboard
  • Rubbing Alcohol

First step is to thoroughly clean your glasses with rubbing alcohol to make sure the paint sticks.

Using scrap cardboard, push 3 push pins through the backside for each glass you are painting to create stilts for drying. Make a few boards like this if necessary. Set aside. I got lucky and the cardboard that protected the wine glasses inside the box during shipping worked perfectly for this step!

Choose your marbling paint colors, I recommend including a white and black, plus 3-4 other complementary colors. Add a good squeeze of paint to each plastic cup. Then add twice the amount of marbling medium to each cup. The mixture is a 1:2 ratio, meaning you double the amount of marbling medium compared to the paint. Fully mix each color with a plastic spoon. You’re looking for the consistency of freshly melted ice cream. The marbling medium thins out the paint to allow it to drip and flow down the glass, if your mixture is too thick it won’t dry properly.

Crafters Tip: your paint should not be lumpy, if it is, it’s old. Throw it out and use a different color because it won’t dry properly!

Add layer of paint color after paint color to a disposable foil baking pan or the like. Drip, drop, slop the paint on the tray to create your marble look. Add the black sparingly. When you have a good coverage of paint, use one spoon to drag and swirl the paint around a little bit.

Gently dip and roll each wine glass through the marble paint tray! That’s literally all there is to it! Cover as much or as little as you want. Let excess paint drip off the glass back into the tray for 30-60 seconds.

Rest each wine glass on top of the pointy ends of the push pins to allow maximum drying for the entire glass. Let dry for 30 minutes at first, see the next couple steps…

After about 30 minutes, go back and dab the bottom of each glass on scrap cardboard to remove paint that has dripped and pooled to the bottom of the glass – you don’t want big globes of paint here! You might also need to wipe up around the push pins incase lots of paint dripped onto them. Then let dry overnight.

Total dry time is 72 hours. I recommend drying for 30 minutes, wipe off excess paint, dry overnight, then in the morning carefully take the glasses off the push pins and let them finishing drying upside down for 48 hours. If any paint peeled off or pooled up, touch it up with a little more paint or try to carefully peel it off and touch up.

There are two ways to cure this paint, the air-dry method or the oven method. To air-cure, simply let the paint dry for 21 days. To oven-cure, place your glasses in a cool oven and set it to 350ºF. Set a timer for 30 minutes, when the time is up turn off the oven and let your glasses cool down inside the oven to prevent cracking. Then another 72 hours to dry before first washing. All glitter and metallic paints must only be air-cured. Once cured, these beautiful glasses will be top shelf dishwasher safe! Although I recommend hand washing to extend their life.

Don’t rush drying time, if you do, the paint will just peel off and/or stick to whatever surface you put it on or gift bag you put it in. Give your glasses the full 72 hours to dry before you oven cure them, and the full 72 after curing them. If you do, your glasses and their beautiful paint job will last a very long time.

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