Bottle Stoppers Made From Wine Corks & Drawer Pulls

Bottle Stoppers Made From Wine Corks & Drawer Pulls

Posted by UpperGlass on Nov 6th 2018

How cute are these wine stoppers??? The best part is that you are up-cycling the corks and can make these on a budget. Pair one of these with a nice bottle of wine, a sheet of Clink-Ons and you have the perfect gift! This would make a great hostess, teacher or any wine lovers gift!

Here's what you need:

  • Wine corks
  • A drill
  • A pen
  • Long screws
  • Beautiful drawer pulls from your local hardware store

Here's how you make them:

  • Using a pen, place a mark in the center of the cork as a guide.
  • Using the drill and small bit, drill down the middle of the wine cork all the way through.
  • Start screwing in the screw using the manual screwdriver, making sure to screw all the through.
  • Screw the drawer pull knob into place.

And you are done! Isn't this great? These are going to make great gifts when added with a bottle of wine.

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